Troubleshoot Bugs Fast

Find and fix Java exceptions quickly with StackHunter.

StackHunter alerts you to failures in your apps and provides the details in one place for you to troubleshoot.

Fast Troubleshooting

Stop hunting through log files for stack traces and HTTP requests. Let StackHunter automatically collect them for you.

Lower Costs

Use StackHunter during development to see exceptions as they happen and during testing to link defects to failure data.

Proactive Failure Detection

Don't wait for customers to call. StackHunter records every failure including your app's user along with other diagnostic data.

View all exceptions in one place

The dashboard shows an overview of all your application's exception. This includes high-level counts as well as breakdowns by day, hour, user, location, and type.

StackHunter Dashboard

Get diagnostic data with each stacktrace

The details page for each exception contains a comprehensive set of data to help troubleshoot and resolve your issues quickly. It includes the stack trace, HTTP request, JVM properties, JMX attributes, and more.

StackHunter Diagnostics

Receive alerts when new exceptions are thrown

StackHunter notifies you by email whenever an exception occurs. It sends at most one email per hour by default, but will break this rule if it sees a new exception for the first time.

StackHunter Alerts

Troubleshoot issues in seconds

The latest exceptions are shown here with similar entries collapsed into a single line. The details for each entry as well as any similar exceptions are a click away.

StackHunter Dashboard

Works With These Application Servers

Apache Tomcat

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