Configure clients

This guide describes how to set up your applications to send exceptions to StackHunter.

If you haven't already installed the server, you'll need to do so first: Install StackHunter

Client Requirements

  • JDK 6 or higher
  • Servlet 2.5 or higher container (Tomcat, JBoss, etc.)

Configure clients instructions

Open the application grid by clicking the Apps menu up top.

Next, click the download icon in the Client Config column for the app you wish to setup. You'll be able to add new apps in the future, but for now only the Guest App is available.

Enter the app's password and save the file to your hard disk. The password will be encrypted in the downloaded file and must match the one associated with the application.

You can use the Guest App to get started quickly (password: guestapp).

Follow the online instructions to complete the client's setup after the download.

You can view the instructions here beforehand: complete client setup.

Rinse and repeat for each application.

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