Why Use StackHunter

Fast Troubleshooting

StackHunter helps you quickly locate and troubleshoot issues in your application. With StackHunter you are no longer hunting through log files across all your servers. The dashboard provides a single place to view all the exceptions from your applications and servers in one place. Instead of spending time piecing together clues to reproduce a failure, StackHunter collects all the info for you.

Exception Details

The info collected for each exception includes:

  • The stack trace with the exact location and root exception broken out
  • Date, user, session, server, thread, application
  • HTTP request (URL, query string, method, servlet, auth, etc.)
  • Cookies, headers, GET/POST parameters
  • Session and request attributes
  • JVM properties and environment variables
  • JMX properties (Memory, Threading, CPU, OS, and JVM info)
  • User-defined properties

Lower Development and Testing Time

StackHunter is not only useful in Production. It's also very helpful during your development and testing phases.


If you're a developer, you can see exceptions as they happen by running your app in one browser window while StackHunter's dashboard is in another. You'll get all the same request and diagnostic info to fix issues fast.


If you're a tester, you can link the defect report directly to an exception in StackHunter. This let's the developers know exactly what caused a defect and saves some of the back and forth that usually happens.

Proactive Failure Detection

Customers are no longer the first to alert you to issues. StackHunter notifies you immediately when a failure happens. It tells you which of your customers were affected and if there were any similar failures. It lets you drill down into each of the similar failures and affected users.

With all the info StackHunter provides, you also don't have to ask customers for details about the issue like "when did it happen?", "which page were you on?", and "what data did you fill into the form?"

Knowing who was affected means you have the option to contact customers before or after fixing the issue. You might even be able to delight and surprise them by turning an issue into an opportunity.